An “Extra” Oil

 olio-con-manoUnique climate and environment make an extra oil.

The impressive mass of water of the lake and the screenoffered by the alpine chain allow a longern growing season which favours the slow maturation of the olives. The local varieties ofautochthonous olives, historically present in the area, area Frantoione, Bolgegna, Leccino. The maximum total acidity of our extra virgin olive oil is lo wer than 0,1%. Its characteristic bouquet includes scent of vegetables and green grass, flowery and citrus parfume, with a touch of bitter and hot well balanced and with good persistence.


Our way of production strictly complies with the rules of the product specification for the PDO* of Lombardy Lakes (subcategory Lario) extra virgin olive oil. Every production batch, either PDO certified or not, is controlled to ensure that the olives are produced locally by members, that appropriate methods and timing of collection and milling are adopted, that the oil is preserved in adequate way to safeguard its excellence characteristics.